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How much does it cost to create a website ?

The price for creating a website can vary according to :

  • – The number of pages requested
  • Additional services necessary for the good development of the website (Monitoring SEO, Hosting, Web writing…)
  • Desired functionalities (e-commerce, technical gateway…)
  • Graphic design level, …

The best way to know the price of creating a website is to use our form.

The price of a website creation estimated in 5 minutes.

Using an advanced algorithm, the form users will be able to know the price for the creation of their website in detail.
Our calculation method is updated regularly to reflect the market prices exercised by the service providers.
Our solution is a first step to get website estimates instantly and free of charge.
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My ambition is to develop my business with a partner in the web field.

I wanted to find out about prices for each stage in a project.

Your website is very well made, I could find plenty of answers to my questions.

—Laurent W.

Need help creating a website ?

Once your estimate is done, SergentWeb will be able to help you develop your project by putting you in touch with its service providers (Web agencies or Freelancers) and providing you with the appropriate tools (Specifications Template, …).