Complete guide on website creation prices


In this guide, we will detail all the cost items in the quotations offered by the providers. Through the various chapters, you will be able to understand the prices charged for an entry-level showcase site, an e-commerce site or a more extensive website.

Why a guide on website prices ?

Mainly because many entrepreneurs and marketing managers make the following observation :

An entrepreneur asks three web site development companies to submit a proposal for the design of his company website. He provides the developers the same document which lists the goals and features of the website. A week later each of the three developers returns to the customer with their estimate.

The first price for this project is 1 000€, the second price is close to 7 000€ and the last one revolves around 4 000€.

The customer therefore wonders why these estimates are very different and which represents the most realistic budget for his needs.

Unfortunately, most business owners have no way of knowing which offers are too low, which are outrageaously too expensive and those that correspond to the right order of magnitude.

This guide, we hope, will give you elements to answer these legitimate questions !

Please note When we speak of a “basic website”, we are talking about a website composed of about 10 to 20 pages, including the possibility of updating the contents of the website, including links and sharing with social networks. The prices presented are those practiced by real web agencies and freelancers.

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