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The specification is the document that allows to structure a technical project, to detail the ins and outs, to define the expression of need and technical constraints.

Beyond the fact that it will be indispensable if you wish to request quotes from several service providers, the specifications will allow you to write down your need in a precise way.

It is the cornerstone of a website project, whether you make the website yourself or that you have it done.

This is why we offer you a free copy of our specification template. It is very detailed and will allow you to ask yourself the right questions about your project. Also consider using SergentWeb’s estimate form to complete your reflection on the subject, get a price range and find serious providers.

This model of specifications is intended for all types of project, showcase site, e-commerce site, blog, etc.


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    A good website is a website that has been well thought from the start. The more accurate you will be about the desired features/characteristics, the more you will master the project and you will have the chance to achieve exactly the expected result.

    This writing exercise can be complicated depending on the complexity of the project and your knowledge on the Web. It is easier to be accompanied by a web specialist to set up the specifications. There is certainly an accompanying cost associated, but an expert will translate your needs into technical prerequisites. The result will be better and the risk of having to revise your expectations in the middle of the project minimized.