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Questions – Answers

What information does SergentWeb provide on the prices of website creation ?

SergentWeb instantly gives you a price range based on the specificities of your project. This estimate allows you to know the budget necessary to carry out your project.

SergentWeb is carried out by a team specialized in web services, which masters Internet prices. Our expertise covers the different thematics of an internet project: site creation, maintenance, referencing, webmarketing. The form constantly evolves and adapts to the new technologies and tools that emerge.

What is the price for a showcase website? The prices for an e-commerce website ?

SergentWeb’s intelligent form gives a price for all types of websites by combining natural referencing, online advertising and hosting services.

Want to get the best estimate for your website ?

Once the personalized estimate is obtained, you can, if you wish, be put in contact with web agencies and freelancers qualified by SergentWeb. Webmaster, Webdesigner, Webmarketer, we find the right skill for you.

We regroup all the types of jobs involved in the creation of a website and its animation. The profiles Webmaster, Webdesigner, Webmarketer … in different types structure, web agency, freelance or communication agency. We therefore find the skill you need.