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Writing good specifications has many advantages for your project’s success. On one hand, it allows you to clearly define the context and functional requirements and on the other hand to obtain precise estimates when you call services providers for the realization.

Assistance in drafting your specifications is therefore the fact of calling on a specialist to specify the needs, environment and functionalities of your website or mobile application creation project.

The specialist in charge of drafting the specifications will thus endeavour to understand :

  • The user need, the purpose of your project, by collecting what the site or application will be used for each of the parties involved in the project.
  • The working solution, describing the technical aspects that will meet the needs.
  • Drafting and presenting a complete written document
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How does SergentWeb accompany you?

We put our expertise at your service to specify your project and your needs. Once this work has been completed, we will find the best qualified service providers to work on writing your specifications.

The selection criteria for providers respect 3 points:

  • Professionalism and expertise
  • Quality of their references
  • Their geographical proximity

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A team of experts of human size is available : Axel or Thomas will accompany you to specify your project