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We bring you qualified prospects

  • You are put in contact with prospects with projects of creation/redesign of websites accompanied or not with webmarketing services
  • Prospects are all qualified by Sergent Web's experts
  • Open to all structures: Web agencies, Communication agencies or Freelancers
  • We rely on quality and win-win relationships

How does it work ?

  • #1 The prospect estimates the price of his Web project

    The prospect performs a simulation and requests, if he wishes, to be put in contact with providers.

  • #2 Sergent Web qualifies the prospect

    Sergent Web’s customer advisors contact 100% of prospects to provide them with personalized advice and to qualify their project.

  • #3 The prospect is offered to the most relevant Sergent Web partners

    Sergent Web then offers the prospect to the partners who most closely match the prospect’s needs (depending on the type of service and its location).

  • #4 Interested providers position themselves

    The first 3 professionals interested in the project get the contact information of the prospect by paying the connection fee.

  • #5 The Provider contacts the Prospect

    The professional connects with the client to set up an appointment. He makes a quotation and, if the offer interests the customer, starts his performance. Sergent Web calls the prospect 2 months later to assess his satisfaction.

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