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The interest of working with a web editor is huge for your website. An advanced editorial charter will give it a very qualitative image.

The writing of relevant and effective content is one of the major axes for a good digital strategy and an optimization of natural referencing.

The web editor can accompany you on the drafting of your website pages or articles of your blog or news section. You can also ask him to handle product descriptions of your e-shop. Finally, he can propose to write your emailings, a press release, advertisements, etc.

The advantages of this type of service :

  • Position useful keywords for your referencing
  • Increase the number of visits on your site
  • Give style to your content or articles
  • Freeing up your time
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What does SergentWeb bring you?

We put at your service our expertise to specify your project and your needs. Once this work is done, we will find the best qualified service providers to write your content.

The selection criteria for web editors are based on 3 points:

  • Professionalism and expertise
  • Quality of their references
  • Their geographical proximity

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