Organization and definition, prices to put a Web project on good tracks


The preparatory phase of a Web project is essential. This step defines three critical elements for the success of your project:

  • The presence of the brand online
  • The structure of the site
  • The website features

Define expectations accurately

This process is essential because it helps to define expectations from all sides and reduces potential frustrations.

For a simple website – one for which the client has a precise and complete idea of what he wants – this phase can be short (one day may suffice).

Much more complex websites may require several days of meetings and the creation of very detailed documents that will describe the ins and outs of the project. We are talking here about specifications for which we will work on the expression of needs, technical specifications, etc.

Expectations will be translated into time spent by the internet provider

The more complete and accurate the document you provide, the more the provider will be able to accurately estimate your project. Conversely, the provider who does not have enough information is obliged to estimate the time he will spend more widely in order to guard against the hazards that may occur during the project.

The time passed, essential element in price definition

The specifications allows the provider to estimate how long it will take to complete the project. Freelancers and web agencies generally base their prices on a daily rate. It varies depending on several criteria :

  • The level of expertise (the more a company masters a technology or more it has serious references, the more it will charge for its know-how)
  • The size of the teams (the more people there are to pay, the higher the daily rate)
  • The geographical situation (a Parisian company has by definition more expenses than a company based in Toulouse, it pays more for its rent and its employees)
  • Charges, a company has more charges than a Freelance.

Daily rates therefore vary according to these criteria. The range ranges from 250 € to 750 € for the professions linked to website development.

What about the price of this preparatory phase for e-commerce ?

The price will be optimized if you are ready and have anticipated 80% of the challenges posed by an e-commerce site.

  • You have all the text content,
  • You have all the images of products, correctly dimensioned and optimized for the web,
  • You have organized all pricing and product description information in a spreadsheet,
  • You know exactly how your logistics will work (payment and delivery).

If this is the case, the preparatory phase will be short and will not cost you much.

If this is not the case, the preparatory phase may take 2 to 4 days (between 800 and 2000 €) according to the advice that the service provider must bring you.

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