Prices for content creation and integration on a website


When it comes to adding content to a website, the least costly model for companies is to create all the content and insert it into the site via a Content Management System (CMS).

Most designers can deliver a blank site template that the customer can fill out with his texts and images.

This way you can save the « Content Integration » – the time the provider takes to insert text and images on the pages of your website.

Content integration by the provider

If you want the provider to add your content and adjust the layout of the text, you will need a budget from 50 € to 120 € per page. This will often be the case, as the sponsor usually does not have the time to do this integration and generally does not know how to arrange information on a page (it’s not his job!).

Go through a copywriter for quality content and SEO

The web editor is responsible for writing down the values of the company, explaining the services / products of the company and highlighting them. He relies on the characteristics of your company and on an editorial charter containing inter alia the important keywords related to your activity (to create content “oriented referencing”). It is often found that the terminology used in searches on the internet differs between the company and its customers (you know your job too well ;-)).

The price of a copywriter will be at the word or page. It is necessary to count between 0.05 and 0.50 € the cost per word depending on the experience of the editor and the quantity of texts to be translated.

Costs of integrating content on e-commerce sites

An essential element to sell is to have catchy product names and descriptions and possibly additional information that can help the buyer to take action (videos, technical data sheets, etc.)


Title and description of the product

The e-commerce market is extremely competitive and you’ll want to get to the market with all the possible benefits. This means either taking the time to write excellent content and product descriptions yourself, or being prepared to pay a professional to do so.

The price of writing and integrating the products on your e-shop will depend on several factors :

  • The complexity of describing the products (technical products, particular field, etc.)
  • The number of products

Thus, for 100 moderately technical products, it will take between 2 000 and 3 000 € for the writing of the description and their integration on the website.

In order to put the site online, the service provider will often ask you for a list of typical products that can be integrated into the development version so that you can see the visual appearance of the product page and the catalog pages.

Be specific about the features and product categories so that the provider is aware of the size and complexity of the e-shop.

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