Prices for specific features of a website


Many specific features can be integrated on a website. They are the ones who make the budget grow. Some features can be “included” in the theme (template) used to design the website – when the provider suggests you go through this type of solution. However, the fact that they are “included” does not mean that their appearance and functioning correspond exactly to the desired result.

How much does the features to put in place for your visitors costs ?


The following estimates correspond to features often implemented on websites. However, many factors can make their implementation more or less costly.

  • Custom content management system – For customers who want to manage content themselves, the web designer can integrate and customize an open-source (PHP-based) Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.
    The costs of integration and customization of a CMS can vary from 500 € to 20 000 € depending on the level of customization required.
  • Training and documentation – A set of instructions and documentation explaining how to maintain and modify the content of the site. Depending on the amount of work, between 200 € and 1 500 €.
  • Integration of a Blog – Many customers request a personalized blog integrated with the website. The addition of a blog varies from 200 € to 1 000 €.
  • Landing Pages – They are pages that highlight a specific product or service. They are usually part of an emailing campaign, social networking, or advertising. They are designed for a price starting from 400 €.
  • Contact forms and polls : between 100 and 500 € according to the complexity and the number of fields expected
  • Photo gallery : 250 € to 500 €.

This list is of course not exhaustive, many functionalities specific to the field of activity can be put in place. You can also invent it, which will involve requesting a tailor-made quotation from a provider.

Quantify the implementation of features on an e-commerce site

caddie-e-commerceThe e-commerce features will focus on two aspects :

  • products and product catalogs
  • marketing-related features

Here are examples of features and prices for merchant sites :

  • The prices of the products change according to a variation of products (ex: the XXL cost more than the XS), from 250 €,
  • The picture of the red dress is displayed when I select the red variation of the product, from 500 €,
  • The customization of the filtering system of the catalog page, from 500 €,
  • Customer loyalty system, an order gives points, starting from 500 €,
  • Règle panier, entre 100 et 500 € par règle mise en place par le prestataire (le système de règle est souvent présent dans les systèmes e-commerce utilisés mais assez complexe à mettre en place et il doit être tester pour éviter des réductions trop importantes ou qui ne marchent pas).

The prices of an e-commerce website can therefore also vary greatly depending on the specifics desired by the customer.

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