The prices for the SEO of a website and webmarketing


The creation of a website is akin to the beginning of the adventure on the internet. Once the website is online, you have to make it known. Many tools exist for this purpose. Here are the main tools as well as pricing orders to be expected if you wish to outsource their set up.

The price of natural referencing

prix du seo expliqué

The agencies specialized in SEO will put in place techniques to increase your traffic. Optimization of on-site referencing or netlinking campaigns (obtaining quality links referring to your site) are all techniques that will improve your ranking in the search results of search engines. This calls for a very specialized expertise and this work is expensive with the time past. Prices are therefore affected :

  • Customized traffic analysis reports: 50 € to 2 000 € / month depending on the complexity of the analyzes
  • Applications of natural referencing techniques: 200 € to 4 000 € / month

Costs of paid referencing or advertising campaigns

adwordsThe Internet is becoming more prevalent than traditional media, and advertising can reach a large number of people and to target its prospects and clients in a very specific way (depending on their socio-professional category, age, interests, etc.).

There are many tools. For example, you can advertise on Google, Bing, Facebook, and/or Twitter.

Campaign implementation tools are relatively simple to use, at first glance, but require real expertise to get an acceptable return on investment. So, many companies call on specialists for that.

The implementation of an Adwords campaign will generally cost you between 15 and 30% of the budget invested (ex: 100 € for Google, 15 € for the provider).


And being on social networks, how much does it cost?

The power of social networks is undeniable. The company can have the internal means to animate its communities. However, others prefer to outsource this work and will use a Community Manager.

The social media prize – Create and manage the social media network profile (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.): depending on the budget and its competence, a Community Manager costs between 500 € and 2 000 € / month.

arbres des supports internet

Finally, prices for setting up and managing emailing campaigns

Customers who want to collect emails and make emailing campaigns will need a mailing management tool. The service provider may propose to put this in place, and create a template for your emails. And even manage sending them.

It will take :

  • 400 to 1 000 € to install the tool and template used
  • 200 to 400 € for content integration and sending an email
  • A monthly subscription to the tool used according to the one you choose

Do not hesitate to challenge your interlocutors on these different tools and techniques that will make your website more visible to your target audience.

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