Prices for website maintenance, support and upgrades


Websites do not maintain themselves, not yet at least … The best websites change and evolve frequently to fit the objectives defined in their strategy and remain modern.


The price of a website maintenance

Maintenance is an element of the budget that many companies forget, often because they think they can do it themselves.

But it’s the first time you delete your home page by mistake, that you try to repair the website in an emergency and in vain, then you regret not having discussed this point with your provider and not having a maintenance contract in place.

You will have to provide from 100 €/month for a maintenance/assistance service. This amount depends on the desired level of assistance and can reach several hundred euros, or thousands of euros for websites requiring very rapid intervention, or many interventions per month (for an e-commerce site generating a lot of sales by example).

Some service providers may offer assistance in the form of assistance tickets, on-demand assistance in a certain ways.

The price of evolutions on a website

When you talk to a provider, ask for a tariff in case you ask for a change. Evolution is the development of a new functionality or a structural change on the site.

A big change will generally need a new estimate. A simpler evolution can be integrated into the maintenance/support offer. Think of talking about this point with the provider so that things are clear when you give your voucher for the agreement.

What about the security of your website?

Another major advantage is the maintenance offerings. They will protect you from pirates and hackers who are after your website. Technologies are evolving and hacking techniques are also evolving. It is therefore necessary that your service provider ensure a watch and keep up to date the environment of your website (hosting + site).

He must also be able to intervene to restore a corrupted website and to correct the fault that allowed this attack.

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